Sunday, August 8, 2010

Menu Monday August 9-15

It has been a busy weekend with hubby and the two oldest gone. I spent a good chunk of Saturday mowing and working outside in the glorious humidity. Exhausted, I fell onto the couch after putting the littles to bed and then sat there in a state of mindlessness until I forced myself to go to bed.
I hate sleeping alone.
Hate it.
Fortunately, there was an incredible storm that woke everyone up at 1:30 and kept us up for an hour talking about it. After that, I wasn't sleeping by myself any more.
I am not sure which is more difficult, not sleeping with my husband, or sleeping with two little boys. We made it through, but are all tired tonight after a full day of being outside and playing with the neighbors while I helped them pickle beans. I came home and canned pickle relish, froze 10 quarts of zucchini and made chocolate zucchini muffins for the freezer. We had those for supper with cheese and pickles... kinda balanced, right? No worries, here is the rest of the week. I think.

Eggs and toast
Oatmeal and strawberries
Pancakes with applesauce
Cold cereal with bananas
Egg sandwiches
French Toast
Kids choice (Dad in charge)

Sweet corn and turkey keema
PB and jelly, pears
Grilled cheese, tomato soup
PB and honey, apples
Lunch out with Mom (Culver's)
Turkey and Swiss, peaches
BLT and applesauce

Chocolate zucchini muffins, cheese, bananas, pickles
Grilled chicken tacos
Crazy noodle pasta with sauce, salad
Chicken pockets, raw veggies with dip
Meatballs, peas, rice
Pizza and a movie
Kids choice (Mom gone)

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