Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Monday Dec 7-13

Well, the soup and sandwich as a lighter supper option has gone over fairly well. Hubby and I loved last nights ham and beans made with the leftover ham bone from Thanksgiving. We poured it over some homemade cornbread and it was so rich and creamy, I had a second helping. Here is the menu plan for this week, with high hopes that we can avoid going out to eat, although that never seems to happen with Tuesday's craziness.

Breakfast-Morning muffins, bananas
Lunch-Creamy Mac n cheese, raw veggies
Supper-Popcorn chicken, egg rolls, rice

Breakfast-Oatmeal, peaches
Lunch-Hot lunch at school (mini corn dogs, yuck)
Supper-Sub sandwiches, chips, dried fruit

Wednesday (snowed in)
Breakfast-Banana bread, warm vanilla soothers
Lunch-Pb and j, bananas
Supper-Baked chicken, rice and garlic green beans

Breakfast-Cereal and toast
Lunch-Chicken salad, fruit slushy, carrots and celery
Supper-Cheese soup, Blue cheese and bacon roast beef panini

Breakfast-Eggs and toast
Lunch-Hot lunch (tacos)
Supper-Pizza (Dad gone)

Breakfast-Pancakes with jam
Lunch-Spaghetti, salad and garlic toast
Supper-Chicken nuggets and ff

Brunch- Kid's choice
Supper-Grilled cheese, tomato soup

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