Friday, December 11, 2009

Frugal gift giving

"Happy birthday, Mom!" This was my greeting this morning from the usually grouchy #2 as she got ready for school. "My gift to you is Love." How appropriate is that, on a frugal Friday, love? Easy to give, no need to wrap, always in stock, and free.
At least for her...
How many of us give love with a price tag? I know that I have been guilty of it's not fair thoughts, I give so much and what do I get back thoughts, I deserve something too thoughts.
Oooo, Satan is tricky, huh?
Whispering in my ear. Telling me to give my love to others, at a price.
Dear Lord, thank you for the lesson from my beautiful daughter. Help me to always give the ultimate gift that I was given.
Thank you for the quiet lesson.

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