Saturday, September 26, 2009

Apples, Apples and More Apples

I commented before about how much I love a good deal and apples and here I am again, with more apples and a better deal! My wonderful neighbors have three apple trees and this year they have been particularly blessed with apples. In turn, they bless the rest of us with apples by the bucket. I don't mean kids bucket, or ice cream bucket, I mean good old five gallon feed pail buckets! Our family loves apples, apple pie filling with french toast, apple butter and apple crisp. More than anything, we go through gallons of apple sauce over the course of the winter. We love it plain, with sugar, cinnamon, cream, in bread, to replace 1/2 the butter in baked goods and whatever else we can do with it. I wish you all had e-smell so that you could enjoy our house as much as we do. To top it off, I have a vanilla scented pod in my warmer.... Like pie a la mode.... mmmmmmmm pie.....

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