Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Monday November 7-13

Someone remind me, it is November right? I do live in Wisconsin, not Puerto Vallarta, right? The weather here is gorgeous! We took advantage of it and played outside yesterday, everyone doing their favorite, or most necessary, activity before the snow comes on Saturday. What a blessing!

Whole grain waffles with choice of toppings
Breakfast biscuits and blueberry yogurt
Bacon and egg sandwiches
Pumpkin pancakes
Apple raisin oatmeal
Peanut butter toast with smoothies
Kids choice Saturday

Beef stew, and no-need bread
Turkey and swiss sandwich, carrots and zucchini
Crab sushi and apples
Noodles with sauce, cheese cubes, broccoli
Boiled eggs, cream cheese and jelly rolls, tomatoes and cucumbers
Sandwich Monsters and apples
Burgers and tater rounds (dad cooks)

Chorizo frittata
Peppercorn burgers and chips
Cilantro tandoori chicken with pineapple salsa
Fish tacos, grapes, rice
Tuna or ham panini, tomato or onion soup
Baked chicken, rice, broccoli
Take-out pizza

My groceriesCrackers x 2, tea, O's, apples, sweet potatoes, tortillas, soap x 3, eggs, grapes and chips

Noodle and dumpling sauce, mango, lime, ginger, chopsticks, baby bananas, onions, cilantro, soba noodles, gyoza wrappers, cabbage and a shredding knife

Toilet paper x 3, rice, pasta, klenex, swiss, olives, dish tabs, babybel x 2, ham, muenster, crab, drumsticks, ground pork x 2, tomato soup, humus, yogurt, English muffins, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, bananas, grape tomatoes, dinner rolls, flatouts x 2, bagel thins, kaisers
Not shown milk and eggs $21.00
Total for the week $205.79 Much steeper than normal, but I was out of nearly everything, and got a couple things that will extend into next week, so feel ok about that.

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